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The Tracks

Aerial Photograph of the National Circuit
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Club Circuit

Photo of the Club Circuit
130-365m - Fastest Lap 30.4s (Stratos)

National Circuit

Photo of the National Circuit
900m - Fastest Lap: 49.72s

Full Circuit

Photo of the Full Circuit
1100m - Fastest Lap: 59.70s

With 3 different tracks we have something for everyone here at Thruxton, whether you’re an experienced karter or just starting out. Our newest track, the Club circuit, was designed with Arrive & Drive and Junior (8yrs onwards) session in mind. Having 4 different configurations (130m, 146m, 210m and 365m) and the ability to run independent of our two other tracks makes it a very flexible circuit.

Our most popular track is the 900m National Circuit. The track, being 7 metres wide, will easily allow 3 and sometimes even 4 karts abreast into most of the corners. This track also includes our unique flyover, a first for a UK outdoor kart circuit!

Finally the 1100m Full Circuit is an extension of the National circuit by the inclusion of the loop and hairpin in the north east corner. Great attention has been paid to the driving experience on all our tracks, having kerbs in the right places, suitable drainage and fast and exciting designs.